Music Download: Maroon 5, Pink, Conor Maynard, Linkin Park, and Ellie Goulding

As is usual, I like to share some of the music I add to my collection from time to time. It’s been a little while since I actually downloaded anything new, but the other night I was on the way home from an evening appointment and was listening to the local radio station’s top songs of the day and found a few new ones that I quite like. Here are the music videos for some of the songs I’ve downloaded recently:


Music Download: Katy Perry, Flo Rida, Cher Lloyd, and David Guetta

It’s been a while since I downloaded any new music to listen to while I’m at work, but a few days ago I found some new songs that work well while I’m programming. My love of Flo Rida is well documented and I’ve yet to meet a David Guetta song I didn’t like. As for Katy Perry, well, I’ve featured her music in these posts before, and Cher Lloyd is just pure entertainment in my book. Such a tiny person singing like she does makes me smile.

I also downloaded the new Maroon 5 song, “Payphone” along with “Good Time” by Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen but they don’t have music videos to share at this point.

So, enjoy the music videos of the ones the have them!

Justin Timberlake Should Record Another Album

Work has been a little bit slow lately and I’ve filled some of that time watching music videos on YouTube. Generally I’ve been watching videos of songs that are a couple years old because I never saw those videos when they were first released and I really like the songs. In doing just that yesterday, I stumbled across Timbaland’s “Carry Out” ft. Justin Timberlake, which I have seen before, but decided to watch again. It reminded me that I really liked the albums by Timberlake when he first became a solo artist. He’s good. Really good.

Of course, now he’s managed to find his own variety of fame by making smart business decisions and starring in big movies such as The Social Network and In Time. He’s a pretty decent actor as well if you ask me; not oscar-quality, but he continues to get better with each movie he makes, sort of like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson does nowadays. I could see Timberlake having some fairly well acclaimed roles on screen in the future.

Hopefully he’ll come back to music at some point and record another album though because the ones he already has are great, and the music industry would benefit from his return if you ask me.

New Music Download: Katy Perry, One Direction, and Flo Rida

I’ve got another couple of new songs to share with you today. I’ve had Katy Perry’s “Part of Me” for a little over a week and have enjoyed it quite a bit. I just found out this morning that the music video was finally available so I can share it. Also, I picked up this morning a song by a British group called One Direction (who I had never heard of) entitled “What Makes You Beautiful.” Apparently One Direction is the first european band in history to have their album debut at #1 on the Billboard Top 100 chart in the United States. Not even the Beatles did that. Ever. Wonder what that means for their future. And of course, my Flo Rida addiction still runs strong with his newest, “Wild Ones” since it seems I’ll buy anything he puts out for some reason.