Movie Season Approaches!

It’s that time of year again, the time of year when the new year’s worth of wonderful movies begin to hit the theaters for the next six months. I’ll be going to see a large majority of them between now and the end of August, and here are the trailers for a few of the ones I’m most excited to see.


Writing About More Than Just Books

I’ve realized a lot lately that I want to write about a lot more than just books. Sometimes the topics I want to write on are related to sports, television, movies, general opinion, or even more outlandish things. The trouble is, I never feel like I can write about those things here on 20four12. It often feels like I’ve only given myself permission to write about books because this is a book blog. As though the few dedicated readers that actually follow 20four12 would be offended if I wrote about something different on occasion.

Well, as of today I’m going to give myself permission to write about other things besides just books. I’ve taken a lot of time off from writing here lately for a variety of reasons, but now I’m ready to get back on the blogging horse so-to-speak. But, I want to write about books and other things. I’m not going to change around the navigation and make it harder to find all of the things I’ve written about books or anything, but sometimes a post or two might show up about a television show I’m enjoying, or a movie I went to see, or maybe even some significant event in sports news for all I know. I’m now giving myself the freedom to write non-book related things whenever I feel like while still having 20four12 function as a “book” blog at its core. The navigation dropdowns and so forth will all remain book-centric and the sidebar will stay almost entirely book-focused as well.

I figure if I have the avenue already established to write things for people to read then there is no reason I need to find another location to write about other things if I’m in the mood. All topics can live on this blog in a happy manner I think.

November Movies I Want to See

We are getting into the holiday movie season which means we have a few big releases coming out soon that I want to see pretty badly. Up first is tomorrow when I’ll be taking my son to go and see Wreck-It Ralph which he is very excited to see. Of course, he’s also very excited to finally have another movie to go to the theater and see with his Dad as it’s become a “thing” for the two of us now that he is old enough to go and actually enjoy the movies when we see them.

As a matter of fact, my son gets a bonus this month because at the end of November is the release for Rise of the Guardians, and interesting twist on the true lives of various holiday figures such as Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, etc. My son doesn’t know much about this one yet, but he will once the commercials start rolling in here soon. I’m really excited for this one though because a Russian Santa is something entirely badass.

Now, it wouldn’t be a good month for me without at least one awesome action movie. Luckily there are two this month! The newest James Bond installment, Skyfall, comes out in about a week and I’m really excited for that and then later in the month we get the remake of Red Dawn which has all sorts of actors I love for a variety of reasons. Red Dawn probably won’t be loved by the critics, but I’m guaranteed to love it based on the general idea and the cast.

October 2012 Movies I Want to See

Now that the summer movie season has wound down there are fewer new movies coming out each week that I want to see in the theater. But, October still has a couple of good ones that have me excited to go and see.

First up is Pitch Perfect, the new acapella-singing High School Musical/Step Up wannabe. I’ve watched the preview for this one plenty of times over the last couple of weeks because I like the actress in the starring role and my wife and I are both pretty excited to see the movie. We really enjoyed the NBC show The Sing Off when it was on the air and were pretty disappointed it got canceled. I think Pitch Perfect is going to be a lot of fun.

As far as movies I want to see that my wife probably isn’t going to see with me are concerned, I’ve got Taken 2 and Here Comes the Boom on my list. I will go and watch Liam Neeson beat the tar out of bad guys any time. I absolutely love that he has found his niche as far as action movies are concerned and I absolutely loved the original Taken. I’m also a pretty big Kevin James fan and to be honest I think Here Comes the Boom is going to be better than most think it will.

The one movie I’m not sure how I will get to see is Atlas Shrugged: Part II because the first one never showed up in the theater and I had to watch it via Redbox a few months after it was originally scheduled to show up. I know the cast is completely new compared to the first one and I know it probably isn’t going to be the most well-made of movies but after the first one compelled me to finally read the novel I figure I owe the second installment a chance to show me the story visually and see how it stacks up with what I have in my mind from reading the book.

September Movies I Want to See

September continues this summer’s string of months with lots of great movies to go and see. The one that I’m most excited to see is Dredd starring Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby. I remember watching the first movie adaptation years ago with Sylvester Stallone and it really wasn’t all that good, but this one looks absolutely amazing. I hear that Karl Urban never takes off the helmet in this movie which is a big sticking point for a lot of fans and the old film. It looks gritty, action-packed, and insane. I can’t wait.

As for other movies in September that I want to try and go see in the theater, there is Resident Evil: Retribution, Solomon Kane, and the next Joseph Gordon-Leavitt film, Looper. I want to see the Resident Evil movie simply because they are a guilty pleasure of mine. Solomon Kane stars the actor that played the lead in Ironclad, James Purefoy and I think it will be a pretty cool one concept-wise, but I’m not sure if it will actually be available in a theater near me.