Continuum: S1, E1 “A Stitch in Time”

It’s time for a new television show and this time I’ve chosen Continuum, a Canadian show about a time traveling group of bandits and the law enforcement officer trying to bring them back to the future before they alter too many things in the past. There are 10 episodes in the first season, so that will take me through the next 10 weeks. I’ve heard both good things and bad things about this show, so I’m taking a bit of a chance. I hope that I wind up liking the show and can watch the second and third seasons as well.


A Stitch in Time is the pilot episode for Continuum. The opening scene reveals that 70 years in the future a group of corporations have bailed out the various floundering world governments and taken over the governing for themselves. In doing so they began over time to squash the liberties of the people. A group known as Liber8 is working to undo this new system of government and bring back the liberties of old. Liber8 blows up the corporate senate building in the opening scene and then the show jump forward 6 months into the future for the executions of several Liber8 revolutionaries.

Rachel Nichols plays Kiera Cameron, a police officer in this future world who does her job well and believes in the new corporate government system. She is given guard duty inside the execution chamber with the Liber8 revolutionaries. As the execution is about to take place she notices the prisoners holding something and as she runs forward to stop them they toss the objects at the table and trigger some sort of explosion. That explosion happens to be a time portal back to the year 2012.

Seven┬áprisoners and Kiera make the trip back in time. She manages to chase down one of the prisoners, Lucas Ingram, and he winds up in police custody. Kiera’s built-in communication device patches into a new, as-of-yet unreleased communications technology developed by Alec Sadler, who in 2012 is in his twenties. She recognizes his name as he begins to tell her how they are communicating and it serves to help her except that she really has traveled back in time.

Alec is a technology whiz and because he is the one who invented the communications network used in the future when Kiera downloads her day of video recordings to the “server” they wind up with him. He notices in one of the videos that the logo he designed for himself in a notebook is plastered on the side of a massive building, giving him a hint at what he’s to become in the future. This freaks him out just a little bit as expected.

The next morning Kiera returns to the scene of the time jump and discovers that the portal ripped a whole in an overpass. While there she meets Carlos Fonnegra, a local detective assigned to the case and gives him some information that he finds useful. As a result, he allows her to talk with Lucas Ingram at the precinct building he was taken to the night before. With some clever help from Alec, she is able to convince Lucas into giving her the information she needs to begin tracking the other fugitives from 2077. Just as she reveals what their likely plan is to the head of the local precinct reports begin to flood in of officers having been killed and banks being robbed. The Liber8 members have begun to gather resources they need to accomplish their mission of destabilizing the future by altering the past.

Carlos and Kiera wind up in a firefight with three members of Liber8 while the others storm the precinct building and break Lucas out of custody. An awful lot of damage is done by the Liber8 revolutionaries and I have a feeling that is going to be a consistent trend on this show given what I’ve seen so far. Liber8 is determined to cause as much chaos as they can possibly manage in order to throw the future into flux.

This pilot was decent and it did some interesting things, but I’m not completely sold on the concept as of yet. I like that Kiera has made contact with a younger version of someone very important in the future, and I’m hoping that leads to some interesting plot twists as the show moves along. I also really liked some of the technology Kiera has, like her suit that can stop bullets and do all sorts of other nifty things. It’s cool how it looks like something that can fit in 2012 but it has the awesome technology advantage of 2077 in order to give that character a little extra boost compared to local law enforcement.

Next week I’ll move on to the second episode, Fast Times. The Netflix description:

When Kiera discovers Liber8’s plan to return to 2077, she must decide whether or not to align herself with her sworn enemies.