Walking Away From Book Blogging

I’ve been writing 20four12 since March 2012 and it’s been a lot of fun along the way. Originally, this blog started as a sort of “catch-all” that allowed me to simply try out blogging on a daily basis, just to see if I could manage to be consistent. Very quickly it morphed into a book blog where I spent my time writing about the books I was reading and a lot of other book-related topics.

Now, in May 2015 it’s time for me to walk away from having a dedicated book blog. I’ve done a lot of reading in the last three years, some of it good, some of it bad. I’ve talked about a lot of those books here on 20four12, but one thing I’ve never managed to do was cross over into a level of readership that makes all of the reading worthwhile. While the WordPress system says I have over 600 followers, I think around two dozen of them are actually real people. All the rest are spambots, crawlers, or people who clicked “follow” three years ago when I was featured on Freshly Pressed and then never returned.

20four12 suffers from a few things: First, the name is hard to remember and it’s difficult to tell someone how to find. That’s my fault, I should have picked something better when I first stared. Second, I’ve never been consistent enough to draw the readership levels that lead to engaging conversation in the comments or otherwise. Third, while I am by no means a bad writer, I’ve discovered over time that my ability to write a high-quality review is rather hit-or-miss. Fourth, the effort required to wrestle this blog into that high readership, high engagement area is something I don’t have the time (or inclination) to do.

The long and the short of it is this: I want to write about books… sometimes. The rest of the time I want to write about other things, and doing that on a blog that has been a book blog for three years doesn’t make sense, doesn’t fit, and just doesn’t work for me.

So, I’m moving onto something new. I’ll be doing whatever writing I feel like doing over at calebflanagan.com because the domain is easy to remember, easy to pass along to others, and is multi-functional for me and what I want to do in the future. There I can talk about web development, sports, books, movies, television, and anything else without clouding up what the blog happens to be overall.

The new site doesn’t have much there yet, and maybe it won’t for a little while longer, but I feel like it’s the place I want to be doing my writing from now on. If anyone wants to see what I have to say on topics like I listed above, feel free to bookmark it and see what happens there in the future.

Thank you to everyone who has followed me here. Thank you to the authors and publishers that have sent me advance copies of books to review. Thank you to the readers who have commented and the other book bloggers I’ve met as part of this endeavor. I will keep 20four12 active here to act as an archive for the reviews and other things I’ve posted. I’m sure someone out there will still find them useful even years from now.

It’s been fun! I hope to see some of you over at the new place at some point.

Caleb Flanagan (formerly of 20four12)


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