Looking Back at February 2015

There is something to be said about reading exactly what you want to read at the pace you want to read it rather than reading things specifically chosen to assist in getting to a certain number of books read. I’ve been enjoying the chance to begin catching up on my very sizable reading list of books that got pushed to the side last year.

Halfway through the month I received a pleasant surprise when a favorite author of mine tweeted that the next book in his series was now available. I had no idea it was being written, let alone so near to being ready to read. I snatched it up very quickly so I could be sure to remain current with the series.

Here is what I read in February:

As you can see, the list is only four books long. I’m just getting back into the “regular reading” habit this past month and I’m not pressing so hard to read as much as last year. I do think that most months from this point on will probably have five or six though, at least I hope they do so I can make progress on my backlog of series to finish.¬†Another interesting thing is that every single book I read in February was from the fantasy genre. I hadn’t realized that until I looked at the list. It’s been a long time since I went an entire month without touching science fiction.

My favorite book of the month was The Autumn Republic by Brian McClellan, which turned out to be one of the best trilogy endings I’ve ever read. The King of the Vile was the very unexpected new installment to the Half-Orcs series. I really like that series and I really like everything written by David Dalglish, so having that book show up out of nowhere was a special treat for me.

The Obsidian Heart was a great second installment to a trilogy and I can’t wait to read the final book which is on my Kindle already. The world in that trilogy is very expansive and very robust, which makes it a little difficult for me to follow everything all the time, but I enjoy it all the same.

The last book from February, Fae: The Wild Hunt, was one that an author sent me for a review. It started out a little slow, but picked up speed in the second half. I’m excited to write the review for it and to pick up the second book at some point as it’s a trilogy as well.

For March I’m looking at trying to finish the Echoes of Empire trilogy by Mark T. Barnes and I have an advance copy of Michael J. Martinez’s The Venusian Gambit which I’m sure I’ll love. There is also a new Star Wars novel from the new canon that released yesterday and the sequel to Containment, a book by Christian Cantrell that I read several years ago and have been eagerly awaiting. That would get me to my “book a week” pace I’m trying to maintain as a minimum. I’d also like to squeeze in Golden Son by Pierce Brown and The Mortal Heart by Robin LaFevers, which would complete another trilogy and let me cross another entry off the backlog of series.


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