Up Next: “The Seafort Saga: Fisherman’s Hope” by David Feintuch

Fisherman's HopeThe end of the month is fast approaching and now that I’ve pushed my way through almost all of this month’s reading list it’s time to dive into the next two books of The Seafort Saga so I can be that much closer to finishing the series. Fisherman’s Hope is the fourth book in the seven book series and it seems that it’s the first one where Nick Seafort is in charge of his own destiny.

I’m hoping that Nick is going to continue to exhibit more growth as an individual as he works to understand the place for strict obedience in contrast to empathy for those under his command. I think this fourth book is going to be a turning point for both Nick Seafort and the series on the whole moving forward.


Nick Seafort returned to Earth expecting a court martial but instead he’s tapped by the Naval Academy. This is no ordinary desk job . . .

Luck has always run in both directions for Naval Commandant Nicholas Seafort. While he has managed to save the Hope Nation colony from alien attack, he and his friends have paid a heavy price. Most recently, his exploits have earned him a dignified position as an instructor at the United Nations Naval Academy. But, as Seafort suspects, trouble isn’t far behind.

A return to Earth means a return to his roots, some of which he wishes would remain buried. He’s uncomfortable with fame and can’t always restrain his temper as the political machine shifts around him. But when the fishlike aliens mount an attack, Seafort is the only man Earth can count on. Now he must decide whether he has the courage and fortitude to make a terrible choice . . .


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