Terra Nova: S1, E11 “Within”

This is the episode where things are going to start getting really serious. Skye is revealed as the Sixers mole to Commander Taylor and Jim Shannon, the eleventh pilgrimage is imminent and along with it comes a surprise attack, and there are only two more episodes left in the season after this one, so things need to really get moving.

Terra Nova

The show starts with an interesting tidbit about how the portal did not have a fixed location for the first couple of pilgrimages. Now they have a device that fixes the location in one spot so that the colony can be better prepared for the arrival of each group of future colonists as they arrive.

Shannon is given orders by Commander Taylor to find the Sixer mole before the 11th pilgrimage arrives in a few days, so Shannon has to individually question all 47 women on the list of suspects he wound up with at the end of last week’s episode. He questions Skye, who the viewer knows to be the mole, and she lies about being with Josh during the time frame Jim is asking about. When she tries to get Josh to go along with telling his father that he was with her as a favor he starts asking all sorts of questions and she has to get creative with her answers.

I’m on the fence with being sympathetic for Skye as a character at the moment. She seems to only be working for the Sixers because they have access to a drug that will keep her mother alive while everyone in Terra Nova believes Skye’s mother died a long time ago, but sometimes I think her motivations go beyond just trying to keep her mother alive in secret. If she was really just worried about her mother she would have brought Commander Taylor into the fold and he would have used the opportunity to feed the Sixers false information while at the same time letting Skye help her mother.

This is the first episode where Lucas plays an integral part of the plot. During one of Skye’s visits to her mother Lucas threatens to kill Skye’s mother if she doesn’t use the super computer inside Terra Nova to finalize his equation for the portal. She does what he asks, but she isn’t very happy about it. As she sneaks back out to take the equation back to Lucas she’s caught on a new security camera that Jim had installed. Jim now knows that she’s the Sixer mole and he informs Commander Taylor who then baits Skye into confirming Jim’s suspicions.

When Lucas puts the final touches on the equation he reveals to Skye that his employers from 2149 will be arriving with the 11th pilgrimage to destroy Terra Nova and begin strip mining the entire ecosystem for profit in the future. Skye then pours out all of her regrets to her sick mother and her mother tells her it’s time for all of this to end. She order Skye to go back and tell Commander Taylor about the invasion and it’s clear that her mother wants to let herself die so her daughter can be free.

But, as it turns out, Commander Taylor does still have a mole of his own inside the Sixer camp that nobody but himself knew about that he calls upon to get Skye’s mother out of the camp before the invasion begins as well as bring a sample of the medicine she was being given to keep her alive.

Commander Taylor and Lucas have a showdown at the portal as Lucas prepares it to be a two-way street. Commander Taylor tries to stop Lucas, but doesn’t act in time and Lucas steps through the portal back to 2149.

Next week is the twelfth episode of the season, entitled Occupation:

As the 11th pilgrimage commences a vicious Phoenix Group army overruns Terra Nova and begins devastating the colony and the surrounding landscape.


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