Terra Nova: S1, E8 “Proof”

I’ve been waiting for about five episodes to see what comes of Commander Taylor’s belief that the Sixers have a mole inside of the Terra Nova colony. It’s been hinted at over and over since almost the beginning of the season, but more in the past few episodes, and I think as a viewer I’m about ready to figure out who it is. The description for this episode hints that maybe this will be the one in which I get my wish.

Terra Nova

This episode opens with Commander Taylor and Jim Shannon sitting on the coast doing a little fishing. Of course, the fishing poles are the size of flagpoles and the bait has to be set by shooting it into the ocean with a bow and arrow.

Ken Horton, a geologist whose job seems to be long-term exploration of the world to catalog and discover everything humanity obviously doesn’t know about Earth from so long ago returns to camp and Maddy is very excited. He’s an idol to her given her penchant for scientific things. He’s back for the first time in six months. Elisabeth arranges for Maddy to say hello to Ken Horton and then Maddy winds up being given a job as an intern of sorts for Horton’s research team.

There is something up with Ken Horton though. As he’s talking to Maddy he can’t seem to remember details about things he probably should, and Maddy just can’t shake the feeling that something strange is going on with him. When she sees him next she begins to question him about random things like important expeditions and such, but he continues to tell her he just can’t remember everything at his age. Maddy soon discovers a lot of evidence that Ken Horton is probably not the real Ken Horton. He seems to be covering his tracks and removing evidence of the real Ken Horton.

Soon enough, Maddy is comparing the DNA from the envelope the real Ken Horton licked while sending her a letter to the DNA from the current Ken Horton to try to prove that he isn’t who he says he is supposed to be. Unfortunately, the DNA test comes back as a match, which leaves Maddy at a seeming dead-end.

Maddy was right. The Ken Horton in Terra Nova is actually the real Ken Horton’s assistant who killed him and took his identity in order to go to Terra Nova instead. The impostor manages to capture Maddy and then tries to kill her. But, Maddy sends Zoey running with a panic word to Jim who tracks her down just in time.

Josh has a very important decision to make in this episode. Mira has called in her favor that Josh owes her and she’s asking him to steal some very tightly controlled medicine from the health center, but Josh will have to steal his mother’s security access card in order to get the medicine for Mira. He’s not happy about having to do that and gets a little uppity about wanting assurances that his girlfriend will actually be on the next pilgrimage to come through the portal in a month.

As Josh goes to steal the medicine he makes just about every mistake that can be made when it comes to staging a robbery. He’s not wearing gloves, he leaves a terrible trail behind him, and injures himself pretty badly by misusing a sonic pistol to open the case instead of using the access card because the card doesn’t work properly.

As the episode winds down, Josh reveals his involvement in the theft of the medicine, and Jim puts an end to the idea of Josh’s girlfriend coming to Terra Nova with the next pilgrimage. In a conversation with Commander Taylor after the fact, Taylor reveals that if Mira really does have the ability to communicate with the future, then it is because of his long-lost son, Lucas, originally recruited for that very purpose.

Commander Taylor doesn’t return back to Terra Nova after the fishing trip with Jim. Instead he tracks down the soldier he banished from camp for being a murderer and finds him injured by some sort of creature. At first it looks like Taylor is going to kill the soldier, but instead he begins to help him with his injury and standing watch for the creature while the soldier recuperated.

Apparently, Commander Taylor wants the soldier to infiltrate the Sixer camp and try to discover the identity of the mole inside Terra Nova. I’m guessing my dream of discovering the mole in this episode is not going to be realized like I had hoped. That’s okay I guess, sooner or later it has to happen.

Next weeks episode is the ninth of the season, entitled Vs. The Netflix description:

When Jim finds a dead body buried under a tree, suspicious eyes turn to Taylor, who reveals the original, secret purpose of Terra Nova.


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