An Addendum to My Reading Goals

Last night I realized I had forgotten to include a couple of reading goals I had been thinking about when I wrote about them the other day, so really quick I’m going to add two more goals to the list. You can see the first three goals here.

Goal #4: Read Several Anthologies

For whatever reason I’ve seen a lot of talk around author blogs and Twitter accounts in the last few months about how they have been contributing to or editing for various science fiction anthologies. When I started to see these comments I realized that I’m pretty sure I’ve never actually read an anthology before and that is a shame. I’ve really grown to love reading the novellas and other short fiction from some of my favorite authors in the past two years, so why wouldn’t I love other short fiction as well?

So, I’m going to try to sneak in two or three anthologies this year. I know Brandon Sanderson contributed to one at some point, and I know John Scalzi and George R.R. Martin have both served as the editor for one in the past year. I may even find some others if I’m lucky. Besides, it might be fun to do a “short fiction week” of some sort where I do a full week of reviews on the short fiction from one of these collected works.

Goal #5: Read More 800+ Page Books

It used to be that the only books I read were enormous. They all clocking in at 500 or more pages, often topping 700 pages or more. Then I sort of fell out of that practice for a variety of reasons, but I’m starting to miss those grand, large-scale, epic stories. You know the ones I’m talking about, the kind where you get sweeping, grandiose descriptions of the castles or space stations, dozens of characters to keep track of, and that take more than four or five hours to read. I’m going to focus on reading more books like that this year than I did last year and the year before.

At the very least, I’ll read two: The Way of Kings (a re-read) and Words of Radiance, the latter being the soon to be published sequel to the former.


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