NaNoWriMo Status Report: Day 8

Today marks the 8th day of NaNoWriMo 2013. If someone were on pace with the daily words written goal they would have 13,333 total words or more. That’s a lot of words if you ask me. Unfortunately, I’m not quite at that point, my word total so far is a mere 3,196 over the month so far.

Obviously I’m a little behind, but after thinking about it for a bit I’m not feeling too bad about it, at least not yet. Would I like to be on pace with the goal so far? Yes, but I think I can catch up, so I’m not stressing things.

So far I have a loose idea for a story revolving around a small revolutionary group with the ability to teleport at will while everyone else in society is limited to teleportation travel via established locations. I’m not really sure how to tie everything together at this point, nor am I really sure what to do about an antagonist, but I’ll get there.

My ultimate goal is to wind up with 50,000 words of source material to use as a starting point for a novella. I could do an entire novel, but I’ve been really inspired by the novella length works I’ve read lately such as Brandon Sanderson’s Legion and The Emperor’s Soul, Hugh Howey’s first few Wool installments, and several others. One thing I’d like to do in the future is establish a series of novellas that I can serialize on the blog (or another blog dedicated to it specifically). So, NaNoWriMo seems like a great sort of thing for getting all sorts of great ideas down on paper and then having a nice block of material to shape and carve into something awesome.

I’ll report back in another few days with an update and we’ll see if I’ve managed to catch up and how things are going in general at the halfway point of the month.


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