Up Next: “The Paladins #4: The Broken Pieces” by David Dalglish

The Broken PiecesAnyone who has read this blog in the past year is well aware of my love for the many books written by David Dalglish. They are light, quick, enjoyable, and most of all, epic. I have finally found myself the time to read the most recent addition to The Paladins, one of his series that acts as a prequel to the main storyline seen in The Half-Orcs.

I’ll be honest and say that The Paladins are actually my favorite books of Dalglish’s. I can’t get enough of the characters Jerico and Darius. I don’t know if this book, the fourth in The Paladins series, is intended to be the final one in this story-arc, but I certainly hope not. Unless Jerico and Darius are going to show up more prominently in The Half-Orcs at some point. Jerico already has in a minor way, Darius not so much.

The war in the north is coming to an end, but more and more it seems neither brother, Arthur or Sebastian, will end as the true victor. The priest Luther rallies an army of Karak, his aims unclear. Further north, Cyric continues to proclaim himself a god, and his followers are many. Caught between two enemies, Darius and Jerico must stand together to prevent the destruction of everything they hold dear.

And the key to their victory might be someone sworn to kill them both.


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