It’s High Time I Cleaned Out My Kindle

As a direct result of receiving over $100 in Amazon gift cards from friends and family this past Christmas my Kindle is stuffed with books I need to read. Some of them are big-time mainstream books and some of them are small-time books that few have even heard of yet. I think I may even have a few on there that I’m on the fence about actually reading but they interested me enough I was willing to pay 99 cents and get them from the Kindle Daily Deal. Why is this a problem?

I’ll tell you.

Because I have so many books on my Kindle waiting to be read I feel a lot of self-imposed pressure (which is entirely silly) to read them all before I read anything new I’ve bought. That’s going to be a problem in about eight weeks when we get closer to the new Brandon Sanderson book releasing on my birthday in May. The second problem I currently have is that there is a pile of books in my drawer at the office that a co-worker gave to me that I really want to read but my personal book-reading morals won’t let me read them while I still have material on my Kindle that’s untouched.

Ridiculous, right? Yeah, I thought so too.

So, in the spirit of sharing things just because I like sharing them I’m going to update the sidebar here on 20four12 to have a “Waiting on Deck” section which is where I’ll keep an up-to-date list of every book on my Kindle that I need to read right now. Then I’ll remove them as I blow through them over the next few weeks and promise myself that I won’t buy any new books between now and my birthday.

I’m going to buy Sanderson’s Steelheart the day it comes out regardless, let’s be honest here folks, I’m not that crazy. I buy everything he puts out on release day. Period.

So, this is me, telling all of you, that I’ve got a new goal for the next couple of months: Read everything currently on my Kindle.

Wish me luck!


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