Book Review: “The Human Division #2: Walk the Plank” by John Scalzi

Wildcat colonies are illegal, unauthorized and secret—so when an injured stranger shows up at the wildcat colony New Seattle, the colony leaders are understandably suspicious of who he is and what he represents. His story of how he’s come to their colony is shocking, surprising, and might have bigger consequences than anyone could have expected.

we-only-need-the-headsThis review is about a week past when I originally intended to write it, but better late than never I suppose. As the second installment of The Human Division this piece of the story is much shorter than the first, but that is to be expected. However, at 32 pages it is still a nice little chunk of plot and intrigue to be added to the pot that is the story on the whole.

The first thing a reader will notice about Walk the Plank is that it is not written in a traditional style. Rather, it’s written as though it is a script for a stage play, complete with a few stage directions here and there. The change in style doesn’t take away from the story, especially since all the action takes place in a room and the hallway outside. To be honest, I feel like Walk the Plank would be a great thing for theater students who are fans of the genre to interpret on stage for an exercise or project.

All of the action revolves around a wildcat (or unauthorized) colony named New Seattle. They recently saw some cargo containers fall from the sky, supposedly from their orbiting cargo ship. Supplies are not inside though, rather many, many dead bodies and one survivor whom the settlers have brought to camp for questioning. There are a lot of questions at the end of Walk the Plank and very few answers, but given that there are 11 more episodes to go I’m not surprised.

I quite enjoyed the script-style writing, and I quite enjoyed trying to figure out some of the mysteries that were opened up in the 30 pages of text. Up next is an episode entitled We Only Need the Heads. That certainly has my attention.

Length: 32 pages
Grade: B

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