Up Next: “Rusalka” by Megan Richey Olsen

rusalkaA good friend of my wife released her first novel as a self-published offering through Amazon earlier this week and upon seeing a tweet about it I decided I would give it a go and see what it was all about.

I figure the book description seems intriguing enough that it fits with a lot of the other types of things I read from time to time so there is a decent enough chance I’ll enjoy it as a whole. Although, there is no page count listed on its Amazon page, so I’m not entirely sure how long it is. My Kindle is telling me upon opening the book for the first time that it will take me 32 minutes to complete. I’m hoping that’s a calculation error that will update once I’ve clicked through a couple of pages. If not, I’ll finish it rather quick on the way home from the office tonight. I’m excited to see what this little tale is all about and am hoping that it turns out be an excellent debut for my wife’s friend.

Something in Prague is trying to kill Madelyn Richards—as if being the new girl wasn’t bad enough. She’d hoped to spend her study abroad flirting with the cute Czech violinist next door, but when the wooden figures on the Old Town Clock come to life before her eyes—and no one else’s—the plan changes. Now, plagued with nightmares and stalked by watery footprints, it’s clear Madelyn has become the target of someone—or something—with deadly motives. The city itself seems out to destroy her, and with her peers turning their backs, no one could be more alone.

Unless Noah Johnson counts as company. Mysterious and introverted, he’s the only one who’s actually seen the would-be killer, but he’s not talking. As the harrowing legends of the city begin to awaken in form of mysterious crimes, each hitting closer to home, Madelyn will have to confront not only Noah, but all she knows about reality, love and belief. Can she decipher death’s swift approach? More importantly, can she halt it?


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