Autumn: The City by David Moody

The City by David Moody(Cover picture courtesy of Fangs For The Fantasy.)

A disease of unimaginable ferocity has torn across the face of the planet, leaving billions dead.  A small group of survivors shelter in the remains of a devastated city, hiding in terror as the full effects of the horrific infection start to become clear.

The sudden appearance of a company of soldiers again threatens the survivors’ fragile existence.  Do they bring with them hope, help, and answers, or more pain, fear, and suffering?

Without ever using the “Z” word, the Autumn series offers a new perspective on the traditional zombie story.  There’s no flesh eating, no fast-moving corpses, no gore for gore’s sake.

As some of you may recall, I reviewed the first book in the series, appropriately called Autumn for my first ever review over here at 20four12.  I received Autumn: The City for Christmas, so I can finally review the second book after that huge cliffhanger ending.  Unfortunately this time the focus isn’t on Emma and Michael.  Yes, they do appear, but it’s toward the end and they play a very, very minor role.  I wasn’t really expecting that at all, so my perception of The City is very likely skewed.

I have a lot of respect for David Moody.  Why?  Because throughout all 330 pages of The City he maintains constant suspense.  And I mean constant as in suspense from page 1 to page 330.  Part of it is the simplistic yet very effective writing style that focuses not only on the characters, but what is going on outside of their shelter in the city.  Another part is the fact that the premise of the whole Autumn series is absolutely terrifying: you see 99% of the people around you die a terribly agonizing death and are all alone until the corpses start getting up and regain their basic senses like rage, thus making them want to kill you.  I don’t know about you, but I personally would not want to live in a world like that, where every noise you make can attract millions of decaying, violent corpses.

This time around the main characters didn’t really stand out for me, except for Cooper.  David Moody followed the lives of several people, but none of them seemed special or even particularly interesting.  Cooper, sadly, only comes in about two thirds of the way through.  At least he makes some sort of an impression, unlike the others.

At least now the story of how the plague started and what the heck it is may come out in the next book because the military is involved somehow.  Interesting…

I give this book 3.5/5 stars.

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