Happy 6th Anniversary to My Wife!

A while back I married the most beautiful woman in the world in Redlands, California. Now, six years later I’ve got two adorable children and a metric ton of awesome memories of life with her. She’s the best.

For our anniversary this year her cousin is watching our children for two nights (last night and tonight) while we take a little trip a few cities over and stay in a hotel with a huge king-sized bed, a swimming pool, and all sorts of fun things to do nearby.

It’s going to be so awesome to spend a couple of nights without little ones trying to crowd into our bed and without having to worry about anyone but ourselves. We are going to eat tasty food, sleep in both mornings, and just enjoy some time to ourselves without having to share.

Oh, and I’m gonna make out with her like a bandit the entire time. That too.


3 thoughts on “Happy 6th Anniversary to My Wife!

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