50/2012 July Update

July was the month where I decided to make my way through some trilogies instead of reading all stand-alone novels. I finished one trilogy and got two out of three from the second one, but I also snuck in a couple of other books as well. Namely I gave steampunk a try for the first time and then tried out a debut author in Ernest Cline. I have to say that July was a very enjoyable reading month for me, another solid one in terms of book quality across the board.

The books I finished in July:

Also, I did read one novella that I’m not counting towards the goal:

With the end of July I’m not at 76% of my goal to read 50 books. I can now say that I’m confident I’m going to shatter that goal by a very large margin. It’s starting to look like 50 was probably far too conservative and next year I’ll have to aim for something a little more challenging.

The books I enjoyed most in July were the Newsflesh books by Mira Grant. They kept me reading very late into the night on several occasions and I’m very glad that all three of them were available and I didn’t have to wait for the conclusion to be published. That would have been horrible. I even quite liked the prequel novella that the author added to the universe to give some more background on the virus that is featured so heavily in the books.

August is going to be my month to go back to reading bigger books. I’m currently about a fourth of the way through Leviathan Wakes and intend to finish it, plus its follow-up Caliban’s War in August. I also want to finish my re-read of Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings, another big book of over 1,000 pages. If I finish those three and find time for more I think I’ll take a look at Veronica Roth’s Divergent series and perhaps delve into a little more steampunk via the work of Scott Westerfield.


4 thoughts on “50/2012 July Update

  1. I’d definitely recommend Scott Westerfeld’s steampunk! The first book is meh, but the second book really is so much better. As for Divergent, well, I hope you like it more than I did. I couldn’t stomach the anti-intellectualism.

  2. I feel like I’ve read some of these books just by reading over your thoughtful entries. Of course, I will likely get around to making my own list, since yours seems so intriguing. – Thank you for inspiring others to read and all of the sharing that you’ve been doing.

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