Week’s End: It’s Been Awful Busy Around These Parts Lately

This week has been a busy one full of all sorts of cool stuff.

First and foremost, there was Wednesday when I unexpectedly found a post of mine entitled The Land of 100 Posts being featured on WordPress’ Freshly Pressed page. That led to tons of great new followers and commenters and meeting a whole bunch of awesome new people here on the blog. I must say it was a complete surprise and a very humbling and amazing experience.

Beyond that I managed to give a bit of a facelift to my About page as well as the 50/2012 page. They were both put together in a bit of a rush a couple months ago and needed a bit more attention. I also got started on the new BRICK since I’ve finished the posts for Atlas Shrugged.

This past week at the office as a bit slow for me as we seem to have hit a little bit of a downturn in client work lately. I always struggle a little bit when it gets too slow at the office because it tends to make my mind wander and I have a tough time focusing on what I want to do with all of that free time. I’m hoping this next week is a little busier, but not too busy of course.

The wife and kids have been back from their California trip for a week now and I think we are finally getting back into the groove of everyone being under the safe roof again. It took the kids a couple of days to get used to having just Mom and Dad around instead of cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents all over the place. They sure did love their trip though. I’m glad they got to go.


This week I didn’t watch nearly as much as I normally do. I did watch a few episodes from the first season of Frasier in between doing other things though, and I have to say, that show is just as good as its predecessor, Cheers. Frasier Crane was my favorite character on Cheers, so the idea of 11 seasons featuring him has me smiling pretty big.

My son and I went to see Ice Age: Continental Drift in the theater yesterday morning and loved it. He has been a big fan of the first three films for a long time and we sort of have a new tradition of going to see the new animated movies together in the theater even though he’s just shy of four years old. He’s really good at theaters and I think it will be our father/son thing of choice for a long time coming.

As far as my usual Redbox consumption goes, I watched 21 Jump Street with my wife  a few days back and I indulged myself a little and watched Jennifer Love Hewitt in her made-for-TV movie from Lifetime, The Client List.  I did get Safe House starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds, but didn’t manage to get it watched as of this posting.


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One thought on “Week’s End: It’s Been Awful Busy Around These Parts Lately

  1. I always feel so much better once I know my loved ones are home safe and sound.
    Also, you put into words what I’ve been wondering about lately; ” it tends to make my mind wander and I have a tough time focusing on what I want to do with all of that free time.” I put in so many hours of work time that lately when I have “free” time I can’t focus on which thing I want to do/should do first. It’s frustrating.
    Time spent one on one with your children is the best. I used to have that with both of my parents and feel I was the luckiest Middle of 5 child ever. It created a bond with them that my siblings didn’t get and is a lesson I would preach to every parent.

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