Atlas Shrugged Chapter 25: In Which Francisco d’Anconia Blows Up the World

Francisco d’Anconia has been fairly quiet for the last little bit of the book, but in chapter 25 he returns with a mighty big bang. There have been rumors floating around that Argentina was going to nationalize and there were some very secret meetings between James Taggart and his friends with some national representatives of Argentina that revolved around how after the nationalization the United States would be supplied with however much copper they needed to operate. As a matter of fact, James and his cohorts had been provided with the exact time at which the nationalization would occur.

Trouble is, they didn’t take into account that Francisco d’Anconia was in league with John Galt this entire time. Obviously they had no way of knowing that, but Francisco had his own plans about what would happen when the Argentinean government tried to nationalize all of his copper mines.

Within moments of the announcement that Argentina had nationalized every single d’Anconia Copper property on earth, no matter where it was located, was destroyed. Blown to bits by carefully laid plans put in place by Francisco and his comrades. As a matter of fact, it quickly becomes known that for a rather long time most of the mines had been exhausted and the workers were simply being paid to put on a show as though there really was copper being mined.

I can’t tell you how awesome I thought this was. I had my suspicions earlier when I learned that Ragnar Danneskjöld was simply sinking all of the d’Anconia Copper ships he came across instead of seizing their cargoes. I don’t think I was quite prepared for how absolutely awesome it was to have Francisco literally blow up his entire inheritance in the blink of an eye for the sole purpose of screwing over those who were trying to control the national economy. I laughed out loud at this part of the book and thought about it for days afterwards. Imagine the timing and planning that would take. He must have been planning it for years. Literally years.

The other big event of chapter 25 is the realization that Dagny Taggart has that John Galt has been working for her railroad the entire time. She had been wondering how he knew so much about her and how he always seemed to be one step ahead of her when it came to doing things and while she is giving a motivational speech to some workers she notices him in the crowd. The realization is a pretty big deal for her and after finishing her speech she walks down to an abandoned station tunnel where she waits for him. It’s here that they have their first physical encounter that she had been longing for the entire time she was staying in Galt’s Gorge.

It’s a one-time thing, but it’s full of passion and desire. When I finally got to that part I muttered to myself, “It’s about damn time, geez!”

Of course it doesn’t change anything between Dagny and Galt other than they can now say they’ve slept together. He still stays out of sight and she still tries her hardest to keep Taggart Transcontinental afloat in the collapsing economy. And of course I’m still waiting for Dagny and Hank Rearden to get their official invitations from John Galt to join his crew. It’s got to happen soon, it has too!


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