50/2012 May Update

May was another solid month for me in regards to the 50/2012 goal. I got in a couple of rereads that I’d been wanting to do, tried out a new author and read a trilogy that left me incredibly irritated. I really wanted to get a couple more squeezed in, but changes at work ate up a significant amount of my reading time between projects. That’s alright, I’m still on track to meet the goal which is the most important thing.

The books I finished in May:

Let me tell you something, unless someone has specifically outlined for you why you should read the Chaos Walking books in a manner that you are positive you are going to like them then don’t ever pick them up. I got those books on sale for dirt cheap and figured I would give them a try since it was a new author for me. Boy, was I disappointed. I had to go read a book from my favorite author just to get the bad taste and irritation out of my system when I was done.

On the flip side, Kraken as absolutely marvelous. I read it because it recently won a Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel and while it took me a little bit to adjust to the style and tone, I am glad I picked it up.

As is now the norm, you can find reviews for the books I finished in May in the book reviews listing here on 20four12. The review for Kraken isn’t quite up yet but will be within a day or so.

I’m now at 46% of my goal, so I don’t think I’ll have any trouble reaching and passing the halfway point before the end of June. In June my plans are to reread my favorite book of all time, Icarus Hunt, and delve into a whole bunch of new material I’ve never read before as well. And, as always, I want to try and get a SWEU book or two out of the way, but that doesn’t always happen.


4 thoughts on “50/2012 May Update

  1. I have to disagree with you about Monster of Men. Chaos Walking is one of my favorite series. Yes, I agree that some parts were repetitive, I thought the same thing when I read it. But this series is so different and original compared to many of the books that are popular today. The characters were well developed and had good chemistry. I couldn’t put it down. You really hated it that much? And if Todd’s death had been permanent, I think a little part of me would have died. Oh well, just my opinion. Sorry, I’m rambling. 🙂

    • I’ve run across lots of people who love the Chaos Walking books, and I certainly don’t begrudge them that. For me, they definitely didn’t work, but that’s the best thing about books, they appeal to some, but if they don’t, there is always another one to try.

      Those books in particular seem to polarize people one direction or the other I’ve noticed.

      • Hmm, you’re right. One of my friends tried The Knife of Never Letting Go and she absolutely hated it. We’re all entitled to our own opinions. However, I do think that ending The Ask and the Answer with Mistress Coyle’s death would have been a great cliff hanger. 🙂

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