My Office is Moving to Downtown Soon

The job I have now is the very first job I got out of college. I really like my job. What I do, the people I work with, etc. However, our office is currently situated in an industrial park, which is sort of odd. I think the reason we are where we are is because our office is incredibly convenient to the Salt Lake City airport, which makes things really easy for visiting clients.

However, it also means our office is a little dated. Not really in a bad way, things look fine, but you can tell the office is a little old. But, that’s about to change. This summer we are moving to a brand new, freshly remodeled from the ground up, office in downtown Salt Lake City. I’ve seen the way the new office is going to be laid out, and it looks a lot different than what we have now, but it should be pretty cool once we all get settled in.

I’ll admit, I’m pretty excited about the move. I feel like working in the middle of downtown, on the seventh floor of an office building will make me feel a lot more grown up than I do right now. There really isn’t a good reason for that other than I think it will be cool to look out the window at a skyline while I’m sitting at my desk.

We’ll be getting all new cubicle desks, chairs, everything. It will be a fresh environment which I think will be kind of fun. Also our cubicle walls will be a lot shorter which will make things feel a lot less closed in.

This new office will be a pretty big adjustment for a lot of folks that work with me, but I think in the end it will be a good change for the atmosphere around the workplace.


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