Why I Forgot to Post Yesterday

I forgot to make a post last night before midnight and so now I need to post twice today in order to stay on track with getting 31 posts written for the month of March. Why did I forget to post you ask? Quite simple:

The Mists of Pandaria Beta is LIVE!

Each week on Wednesday evening my best friend Matt and I get together to play a bit of World of Warcraft. We play other days as well, but our “WoW Night” is when we get together in the same room so communicating about what we are doing in-game is a little easier. So, last night was WoW Night, and we were doing Northrend dungeons on our shaman and mage alts to try to get them to level 80. By the time we were finished it was pretty late, so I was wrapping up for the evening and noticed that one of my favorite World of Warcraft fan sites had a ton of new information about the beta.

Guess what else they had?

A 24/7 live stream of some of their staff and friends playing the new monk class quest by quest all the way to maximum level. I was literally watching in real-time as their sweet new Pandaren Monk quested through the starting zones, showed off the new monk abilities, and more.

Silly, I know, but it was so damn cool. And… before I knew what was happening it was almost 3:00am, and I hadn’t written my blog post for the day. So, this post is my restitution for that, and it keeps me on track to have my 31 posts in March and later today you can look forward to my thoughts on the immensely aggravating trade of Tim Tebow to the New York Jets.


One thought on “Why I Forgot to Post Yesterday

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