Sunday Sitdown: Sometimes I Have A Lot of Time To Fill And Nothing To Fill It With

My days have been pretty slow lately. It’s that time of year where schools aren’t looking to do a ton of marketing and so I have a lot of time at the office to fill with whatever seems interesting. Of course, that means I have to have something on hand to fill the time.

I’ll admit, the past week was really, really slow for me. I wasn’t very prepared to have nothing to do at the office because I had just been out of town for five days and figured there would be some backlog I needed to work through upon returning. Boy was I wrong on that front. There wasn’t anything for me to do at all. I had been waiting on a 15-piece email dialog project to build, but when it hit my desk I made it through the first email when the project manager walked over and put the entire thing on hold because contracts hadn’t been signed or some such. Talk about frustrating.

So, I watched a few movies, finished a book I had started while in Houston on our trip, cataloged a whole bunch of World of Warcraft trading cards, started watching L.A. Ink on Netflix, and browsed the internet until my eyes hurt. Not what I would call the most inspiring of weeks. Although, I did do a whole bunch of work researching the differences between Blogger and WordPress which resulted in the move of the blog to this location from where it had been.

I guess I should consider myself lucky that I had such a stress free week at the office, but it seems to be the opposite with me, probably because of my issues with anxiety. Not having anything to do makes me very antsy, especially when I feel like I should be doing something productive in the workplace.

Luckily, just before leaving the office on Friday a fairly decent sized project came to my desk that should keep me busy for at least a day or two, so this week should start off fairly well and hopefully it will carry through to the end of the week after a good start. If not, well, I guess I’ll do a lot of blogging so I can meet my big goal for March.


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